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Lock Change

You might want a lock change because it is broken, or maybe because it is old and not as nice as it used to look, or because it gets stuck sometimes due to normal wear and tear, or just because you do not want to re-key it. Whatever the reason, you should first consider the safety of your family (or just yourself), and the safety of your property.

There are different types of locks you can choose from. Deadbolts, Smart Locks, Electronic Locks, Doorknob Locks, Hand Levers, Handle Sets, etc.

Changing a lock is as simple as removing the old lock and installing the new lock. But, as always, the "devil" is in the details, and the act of changing a lock requires knowledge and experience, as well as being detail oriented and precision. It requires that the lock is well placed in the door, the correct way, and that it is aligned to the door frame.

Services: -------------------------- Lock Change Lock Re-key Key Less Locks Electric Locks High Security Locks Cut Any Lock Car Key Extraction House Lockout Program Car Key Car Lockout Key Duplication Safes

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