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Keyless Locks

Keyless Locks are locks that use electronic controls (instead of a traditional mechanical key) to move the mechanism that locks and unlocks doors.

Pros: + No need for a traditional key (no traditional key to carry, that can brake, or be lost). + Code may be shared with multiple person (no need to duplicate many keys). + Code may be change in few moments (it is like having a new key).

Cons: - Someone may see you punching the code. - Code needs changing from time to time (to prevent buttons from wearing down from frequent use). - More expensive to purchase and replace.

FL Keys & Locksmith Guys is a mobile locksmith services, providing locksmith services in Broward county, Palm Beach county, and Miami-Dade County:

+ Residential Locksmith + Commercial Locksmith + Auto Locksmith

+ Car Lockout + Key Duplication + Key-less Locks + Safes + High Security Locks + Cut Any Lock + Car Key Extraction + Re-Key + and much more

+ Lock Installation + Lock Repair + Lock Replacement + Lock Change

+ Same day service + Free quote

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